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Success case: Deipe, the most complete software for the integral management of optician stores

At LINK Mobility we are proud to be collaborating with Deipe, a company specialising in software development for opticians, undergoing international expansion and with more than 2,200 points of sale globally.

This software has specialised modules for managing all the daily processes of an optician, and also has a more marketing part dedicated to developing leads and customer loyalty. It is in this latter part that LINK Mobility and Deipe have collaborated, generating added value for their clients through this platform.

By integrating our advanced SMS technology with the Deipe platform, we have created the perfect match for all those opticians who want to communicate with their customers at any time in the conversion funnel using the channel with the highest open rates, SMS.

The Optical Sector and SMS

The optical sector is one of the most competitive in the market, since the products that are marketed are usually very similar or even identical. It is difficult to build customer loyalty in such a fragmented environment, so marketing and communication is an even more important factor compared to other sectors or products.

Moreover, in this area, marketing campaigns are very seasonal, with clear stages of peak sales, such as the summer campaign, in which sales of sunglasses and contact lenses soar, and smaller campaigns, such as Christmas, Black Friday, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. This is why it is even more important to carry out effective marketing campaigns that differentiate you from the competition.


David Dominguez, Director of Operations at Deipe, supports this theory and adds:

“In these competitive environments, as is the case with opticians, new clients have the opportunity to generate more business, grow and develop more strongly thanks to SMS Marketing and the other solutions offered by Deipe’s software.”

Both actions to develop leads, such as 2×1 promotions, discounts, offers, and those to build loyalty, such as reminders to buy contact lenses and annual eye examinations etc., are especially important in this sector.


From LINK Mobility we can confirm that SMS is without a doubt, the best channel for communicating with your clients and sharing this type of action, since 95% of SMS are opened in the first 3 minutes of their receipt.

5G and the new features it offers 

We’ve been talking about this for years and years, and it’s not just because we work with the latest mobile technology – it’s because it has so many applications. Flying cars and toasters with voice assistants are still some way off, but 2020 promises to be the year that 5G is implemented. Companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and LG have already started to bring out mobiles capable of taking advantage of this network capacity… But while we’re waiting to have it in our pockets, we’d like to explain exactly what it is and what it involves.

What is 5G?

The 5G network is the result of the evolution of the current 4G; it’s the fifth generation of the wireless and communication technology that we use in our mobile devices to send messages, photos, videos, surf the internet and make calls. It’s nothing new, but it does represent an evolution in mobile telephony.

Changes from 4G to 5G

What’s new with 5G

In short, 5G will connect us all with each other and to everything, all day long and with the greatest possible speed. Are you ready?

Key strategies in the winter sales

Consumers are always interested in buying discounted products. Even though the winter sales come after the hectic period of Christmas and Black Friday, users still want to purchase products with attractive discounts. Many shoppers will even wait until now to make their final purchases. It has been shown that in January you can find better offers on fashion accessories, whereas in February there are more discounts on technology.

Discount marketing is already up and running with strategies that cannot be left out of your campaign.


Online and offline tricks

The winter sales are a consumer ritual – a tradition that many users enjoy.

During this period, marketing uses price reductions as a lure; however, there are many other details to take care of as well. Although the purpose is usually to sell surplus stock, the real aim is always to attract customers with other brand values.

In addition to advertising in advance that your company will be taking part in the sales (on your website, blog, social networks or physical stores) and indicating their beginning and end, there are a number of common “tricks” regarding how to present prices and products:

*In-store. At the point of sale, it is essential to have the right atmosphere in the store. Packaging, lighting and colour schemes, as well as all kinds of promotional material and displays, must target the sales. The products on sale must be highlighted and placed “strategically”. For example, by grouping products in a pack, customers are tempted by the opportunity to take away more units at a good price. Psychologically, it also works really well to unify products, placing items together that are the same price (e.g. “All items €30”).

Moreover, you should always display the biggest discounts (60 or 70%) in the shop window, in order to tempt customers into the store.

*Online. Whether on a specific page for the sales period (landing page) or on your usual website, the discounted products must be displayed prominently. It is also essential that the prices appear with the discounts already applied. Another interesting tactic that the online medium allows is to create a changing catalogue that runs “against the clock”, where some discounted products give way to others as the hours go by. Customers must then be aware of the discounted products that are of most interest to them. This can also be created by means of an enriched SMS containing a countdown. Fast and efficient.

In addition, retargeting is a highly useful tool; that is, reminding interested customers that one or several of your products are currently on offer due to the sales.

Also, if we combine the discount with free shipping, we get even better results.

For both online and offline channels, the copy is essential in sales. That is, the text on posters or promotional advertisements must target the sales and convey a sense of urgency. This can be achieved using phrases like “last items”, “final days”, “exclusive sales”, “half price today only”, and so on.

Finally, note that even if you do use some “tricks”, you must always be honest with your customers. For example, you must differentiate between sales and clearance, and the pricing must be totally clear. Also, you must always facilitate a return of the product.

The goal is to acquire satisfied customers who not only make one-time purchases during the sales, but who also return to you and become regular customers.

Digital marketing trends in 2020

Digital marketing is evolving very rapidly, and in order to compete successfully you have to be aware of the key trends that emerge each year. Some of these trends, such as video marketing, are becoming more established; others are gaining popularity fast, with the help of new technologies.

Furthermore, users are now demanding more human, sustainable, personalised and interactive marketing. In fact, one of the cornerstones of this new marketing year will be Customer Experience (CX), which has become the main focus.

At LINK Mobility Spain, we can help you take care of and satisfy your consumers, implementing all that is necessary in order to not be left behind, and thus exceed consumer expectations.


Five essential marketing tactics

Nowadays, it is the user who’s in charge, and a company must adapt its marketing strategies to meet their new needs. But what will consumers demand in the next 12 months?

1. Content in video format. In addition to podcasts, which have been gaining in popularity, videos are the perfect medium for presenting products or services. It is a trend that has been gaining ground throughout 2019, and it will continue to grow rapidly this year. In fact, on mobile devices it reigns supreme. Have you tried our RICH SMS with video yet?

It has been shown that videos generate a significant return on investment: 87% of marketers use videos as a tool in their strategy (The State of Video Marketing 2019, by Wyzowl), and 90% of consumers use videos to make purchase decisions.

In particular, live video is an even more effective resource in terms of cost and results, as it does not require any further editing.

2. Optimisation for voice searches. Google states that 20% of the searches it receives are now through voice. This is a trend that, although it may appear tentative, is on the rise. In fact, the company PwC predicts an insurgence. In a study on these voice devices it is highlighted that 61% of people between 25 and 64 years old already use them and intend to use them more in the future. The market research company eMarketer estimates that by 2020 nearly 100 million smartphone users will be using voice assistants. And this, of course, will affect SEO.

Therefore, companies must optimise their content for voice searches, which tend to be longer and more conversational than traditional text searches.

3. High-level connection between user and brand. Customers are becoming more and more self-sufficient: they are looking for what they need,and they know how and when they want it. Companies must therefore communicate with them directly, and must do so in a fluid and interactive way, with omnichannel content being essential. It’s about personalising customer experience from start to finish, regardless of the platforms, devices or locations used.Here, the SMS has a prominent position, as it is the channel with the highest opening rate.

Furthermore, the more immersive this customer experience (CX) is, the better. This is the key to achieving engagement. Thus, almost 86% of marketing executives expect to own the end-to-end customer experience by 2020 (business2community). How about trying augmented reality to take the customer experience to another level?

4. Hyper-personalisation. The new way of building a brand is through personalisation. This will undoubtedly be one of the major themes of 2020. Marketing is no longer focused on the product; instead, it focuses on the person. It has even been said that “personalisation is the new marketing.”

All this will become even easier with the arrival of 5G. The more data we can collect and the more customer knowledge we get from social networks or other sources, the easier it will be to hyper-personalise all our messages (including their design). Of course, this must always be balanced with data privacy.

The aim is to create a connection with the user, giving special prominence to Generation Z.

5. Chatbots.Marketing strategies, of course, go hand in hand with technology.Within the field of artificial intelligence, chatbots have been gaining popularity. Experts predict that 80% of businesses will have chatbots by 2020 (Business Insider).

These chats help both small and large companies, as they resolve queries and answer questions about products or services, and thus allow companies to “pamper” customers and be in constant communication with them. They can serve many potential customers at once, and the challenge is to create a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence that interacts with users in each specific context and gives the best possible response to their needs.

We also have our product LINK Conversations. This is a tool for enriched personalised dialogue between the company and the customer by means of SMS, which allows you to schedule and automate tasks, sending multimedia content, maps, files, QR codes, action buttons, etc. It could be described as SMS 2.0.


Quality content and mobile marketing

Obviously, despite these growing trends, we cannot forget how important content marketing still is; it is the fundamental pillar of marketing. In 2020, quality content must stand out as a solid base for each and every marketing channel. Publishing on your blog frequently and providing your customers with useful and updated information, by whatever means, is essential. Lead Nurturing is more fashionable than ever.

But you also have to take into account the content created by users themselves. Customers increasingly rely more on the opinions of other consumers, as they generate a feeling of closeness and credibility, and a little less on the advertising of the product or service created by the brand itself. This trend will continue in 2020. Lastly, we must not forget the power of persuasion held by the brand’s most representative influencers, who consumers identify with.

In terms of social networks, each one has its own audience. LinkedIn is the queen of B2B networks, whereas Instagram will receive the most investment in advertising this year. It is essential to know how to adapt campaigns to different social networks, and to know which networks are the most important for your business. In addition, it is desirable to enable users to log in through their favourite social network (social login), so that they can more easily download an app or register on a website. The data show that more than 75% of mobile phone users use social networks to sign up for new services.

Lastly, what about mobile marketing? This isn’t just a trend; it is a real necessity. We live our lives permanently connected to our mobile phone, and they should therefore be a top priority for companies. Responsive web design will continue to increase in 2020, with 5G technology being kept in mind.

Similarly, the mobile app industry will continue to grow at a dizzying rate.

In conclusion, regardless of the trends, which come and go, the real pillar of marketing is to take care of customers by understanding their needs. At LINK Mobility, we will help you achieve this.

Mission: Black Friday

Black Friday as we know it today is an event that arose in the U.S. back in 1960, and it wasn’t until 2000 that it earned the designation of “the biggest shopping day of the year”, becoming an international event. Since then it has presented a challenge to marketers. There are no rules: anything goes if it allows you to seduce consumers and take advantage of this trend of rampant pre-Christmas shopping. Only in Spain, last year 1,560 million euros were invoiced online, so it should be obvious that the competition is fierce.

This means that on this day more than any other you must use an omni-channel approach to achieve the highest returns. It is becoming increasingly clear that physical shopping and online shopping must be combined. In fact, according to Google data, 62% of sales made in physical stores were influenced by information that the consumer had received digitally.

Therefore, while coordinating each communication and sales channel with the customer, it is also very important to innovate as far as possible. Are you ready to take the plunge with RICH SMS?

Find out all you need to know about this celebration of consumption and how to get the best results.

Three, two, one… Black Friday!


The facts speak for themselves

The forecasts are very optimistic and it’s likely that this year’s edition of Black Friday will surprise us again by beating all the records. According to the Black Friday 2019 report by e-commerce specialist Webloyalty, purchases are expected to increase by 151% in total. And we’re not just talking about Black Friday, we’re talking about Black Week. This study indicates that the average consumer spending will amount to 240 euros: 160 euros on Black Friday, and 80 euros on Cyber Monday. Furthermore, 12 noon and 9 p.m. on Friday 29 November and 1 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Monday 2 December are indicated as the times of the day when the greatest volumes of purchases will be recorded.


Strategies and useful tips

Black Friday (followed by Cyber Monday) is an unmissable event that benefits both consumers and businesses (the Amazon shopping giant sells 10 products per second during Black Friday, six times more than any other Friday). Although the sales of technology products stand out, increasing by up to 60% over any other normal day, you can find discounts and promotions on products from a wide variety of sectors.

But as competition is growing, it is necessary to differentiate yourself and, at the same time, provide an optimal shopping experience for a consumer that is often overwhelmed by so many offers. How?

Well, in addition to the more “typical” strategies, such as creating a sense of urgency, offering comprehensive and immediate customer service or starting the campaign before and finishing it a few days later, it is a good idea to try to surprise and go beyond the purchase, building loyalty. How about sending a direct gift to your most loyal customers on the occasion of Black Friday?

And if everyone is offering discounts, why don’t you present other benefits such as free shipping, gift vouchers, or take advantage of the consumer’s motivation by offering an early promotion for Christmas?

On the other hand, bear in mind that many of the customers who come to your business attracted by the Black Friday offers may not know your company yet, and this may be the first time they are visiting you. Tell them who you are and what you can do for them through a good, attractive and informative landing page.

You can also target your most supportive public and promote responsible consumption, for example, by allocating part of the sale to a social cause.


Make the difference with RICH SMS

Email marketing, social networks, advertisements in publications… All marketing resources come together to achieve the best results. But what about SMS? This channel can be one of your best allies to surprise the user and squeeze Black Friday to the maximum. It is the fastest, cheapest and most effective channel (the opening rate of SMS is more than 95% in the first 3 minutes).

Take note of how it can help you thanks to the many features that RICH SMS allows:

1- A carousel of products: when the user clicks on the SMS, your star products for Black Friday are shown on a rotating carousel via the link. This is a very visual and dynamic way to reactivate your sales.

2- Countdown: RICH SMS generates a countdown warning for that Black Friday promotion that your customers shouldn’t miss out on. Come on, there’s no time to lose!

Visits to your website will increase considerably with this action.

3- A video: for guaranteed success, share your video with all the services and products you want to highlight for Black Friday and capture more leads.

4- Geolocation: send a text message and invite your consumers to visit your store to surprise them with the best of Black Friday. Thanks to this enriched SMS platform, with geolocation included, you will be able to attract more users to your business.

5- Barcodes or QR codes: another excellent idea to differentiate yourself. The moment the user clicks on the RICH SMS link, a code appears with which they will discover the interesting Black Friday discounts on your products or services.

6- Scratch-and-win coupons: send a “scratch and win” coupon by means of an enriched short message to reward your customers during Black Friday – an excellent loyalty tool, fun and attractive.

As you can see, RICH SMS has great potential and can turn your Black Friday into a key moment to successfully achieve your sales goals, along with the Christmas campaign. At LINK Mobility we’d like to encourage and help you implement this marketing strategy to achieve the best results.


Marketing strategies for Easter Week

Companies increasingly need to enhance their sales strategies and leverage them to make the most holiday times, such as Easter Week, when consumers are more ready to spend. By placing special emphasis on the areas of travel, accommodation, leisure and restaurants (according to a Randstad report,198,980 new contracts are registered during this holiday), you can take advantage of the great potential of SMS: from confirming reservations at hotels and restaurants, to providing information about attractions or museums, plus a long etcetera.

Now is a great time to put in place those SMS marketing strategies that work best for conversions and loyalty, both before and during Easter Week.

5- Seasonal marketing ideas

Using various resources available, you can implement different strategies in which the mobile phone is the protagonist and which will help you to boost sales:

1- Geolocation: this means your campaigns will reach the phone both at the right time and in the right place to achieve your promotional objectives. Your company accompanies users wherever they go and furthermore can collect valuable information.

2- Personalised messages: communicating with the customer should not cease in holiday periods, especially since you can customize each message and thus strengthen engagement to build solid and lasting relationships. You can embed your offer in an enriched SMS, which offers many additional possibilities in terms of content and personalisation.

3- Promotional gifts through SMS: after having registered for a service or acquired a product during their holiday, the user receives an extra gift through an SMS – a great way to reward conversion.

4- Transactional SMS: this type of SMS doesn’t have a promotional aim, but is used for other types of action, such as sending activation codes or passwords, confirming orders or sharing any other relevant information relating to a service.

5- Make the most of social networks: these days users share their experience through social networks, dedicating increasing time to this channel. Companies must place themselves to take advantage of the situation by being present and marketing over these networks.

As a very useful complement, at the end of any campaign it is a good idea to do a non-intrusive satisfaction survey, getting up to a 90% response at minimum cost, using the enriched SMS service.

Lucía Medina, our new Commercial Director

Lucía Medina, our new Commercial and Marketing Director, brings her great experience in top level multinational companies to the role. For the last 15 years she has led highly qualified teams in the field of digital marketing and online payments and is passionate about innovation. She has extensive experience in the development of e-commerce initiatives, mobile payments and the development of the IoT. Lucía joins LINK Mobility Spain with the aim of consolidating the company’s leadership in Spain and implementing the group’s strategic and growth plans.

Sales and so much more

Bringing her background and her successful track record of executing strategic initiatives, managing interdisciplinary teams, organisation and sales, Lucía is heading the sales and marketing department at an excellent time for LINK Mobility Spain, which never ceases to develop.

With a degree in economics and an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa, Lucía believes in achieving objectives through personalised customer service. She will be in charge of highlighting the value of all the company’s services and of planning the sales strategies to obtain the best results.

On a personal level, Lucía is the mother of three children and a passionate traveller.

Welcome Lucía!

Retailers say goodbye to paper invoices

Electronic invoicing is a factor for success that the retail sector does not want to give up. Already in 2016, the 2nd Estudio de competencias digitales en la empresa (Study of Digital Competences in Companies) by the Institute of Digital Economics (ICEMD-ESIC) showed that 43% of companies carried out online banking operations and 21% had adopted accounting and electronic invoicing. Thus, they have gradually incorporated electronic invoicing solutions that streamline financial processes. Always securely, and with all legal guarantees.

Digital invoicing with guarantees

Nowadays it is common for paper to coexist with electronics, but more and more people are opting to digitally manage and exchange thousands of payment vouchers. Retailers have realised the many advantages that this brings: cost savings, optimised storage, more agile work processes, etc.

However, in this transformation to digital accounting we must ensure that everything is authorised and in order. We can send the invoices electronically, with the legal proof continuing to be the invoice on paper, or we can do all the paperwork exclusively in digital form. This is where digital certificates come into play, due to their legal validity. In this way the electronic invoice replaces the paper invoice to all effects, with the data encrypted and with no possibility of the documents being manipulated.

If you want to know more about all the requirements and provisions regarding electronic invoicing and the electronic storage of invoices, you can consult the Spanish legislation in Order EHA/962/200


Our experience at the Mobile World Congress

Starting from our magnificent position as experts in the mobile industry, we managed to squeeze every last drop from this edition of the Mobile World Congress. This year the mobile industry’s most important event received more than 109,000 visitors from 198 countries. We were offering our messaging solutions, in particular the innovative LINK Conversations and Mobile Intelligence, as well as an exciting programme in which there was time for networking, technological learning and also for relaxed talks with our partners and customers. We would also like to highlight the series of interviews that we conducted at our stand with industry experts and benchmark companies in the sector, called LINK Talks.

We hope to have been an inspiration, fulfilling our slogan “Transforming personalized communications”, because for us it was a stimulating experience that was a success in every sense of the word.

LINK Talks and much more

From the beginning of the Mobile World Congress, our agenda promised frenetic activity, with cocktails and some surprises such as raffles, included. But the great protagonists of this edition were our LINK Talks. Our interviewer Salvador Baille spent time with real experts and masters of the sector such as the “Technology Evangelist” Javier Sirvent, the Norwegian Minister for Digitalization, Nikolai Astrup, Jill Cooper, Programme Marketing Director for GSMA and recently nominated for Global Leader of the Year, and Liz McCord, Product Manager of Vodafone. Not forgetting our own CEO, Arild Hustad, who explained the vision of our company and our strategy based on innovation: the goal is to focus on new alliances with key players in the digital ICT field, leveraging our local knowledge while remaining a global company.

Undoubtedly, we will be there again next year. It was a success! Watch our video summary of the event here.





David Cremades becomes our Managing Director

A few months ago we announced David Cremades’s appointment as Commercial Director at LINK Mobility Spain, and now he has been appointed our Managing Director. His wide experience and value in the business department, within the field of multinational technology companies, has led him to take on this important position, which he will perform with all the professionalism and optimism that characterises him.

An inspiring challenge

Specialist in leadership in the commercial field, David Cremades is taking on the role of Managing Director of LINK Mobility Spain with the aim of taking charge of the strategic plans of the company in the most profitable and efficient way.

Despite the challenge this appointment represents: “It is a task that I face with enthusiasm and with the responsibility of continuing to develop the business successfully, as the company has been demonstrating until now. We are a leading multinational in the sector, both at European and national level, where there is a huge potential market to explore with the SMS business,” says Cremades.

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