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Case study: SMS SITE campaign for collecting emails

Case study: SMS SITE campaign for collecting emails

A company wants to collect its clients’ emails in order to complete its database. To do this it uses the mobile numbers it already has to initiate an SMS SITE campaign. The strategy consists of offering clients the benefit of a discount coupon when they submit their email.

Let’s follow the development of this campaign, step by step:

Receive SMS

The client receives an SMS asking for his/her email and in exchange a 10% discount coupon is offered. This is a typical “Call to action” strategy that aims to motivate the person to act, to do something specific.

Data base

URL Tracker

The recipient clicks on the tracking URL (URL Tracker), which enables the company to track whether s/he clicked on the URL.

Landing page

A landing page opens (a webpage designed specifically to convert visitors into end clients) where the email must be entered.

Data validation

If the data entered is incorrect (the platform itself will validate whether it is a logical email or not), the client is redirected to another landing page which asks for the data to be entered again.

Discount coupon!

Once the data has been correctly entered the discount coupon arrives at the email address provided by the client.


Detailed report

Finally, the company receives a detailed report with data provided by each client’s mobile operator. This tells the company whether the message was delivered, if it was rejected (because the mobile no longer exists, is turned off, or the SMS mailbox is full) or if it is a duplicate number.

The service we offer from LINK Mobility allows us to resolve the problem of duplicate entries: if the same number appears twice in the sending list, it is not sent twice, thus avoiding bothering the end client repeatedly and ensuring the company doesn’t pay for two SMS.

Once the whole process has been completed, the company will have collected many of its clients’ email addresses for future communications and campaigns. Percentage-wise, data shows that approximately 20% will click on the link, and of these 80% will enter their email.

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