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Boost your business during Easter

28 February 2020

Another important holiday period is approaching: Easter. It’s clear that during these holiday periods consumers are more receptive and willing to “go overboard”. Increases are seen in shopping and travelling. Therefore, good planning allows the launch of specific and appropriate multi-channel campaigns at this time.

In order to impact the widest possible audience, boost your business and increase conversions, here at LINK Mobility we can help you to work all channels together to achieve the best results.

Seasonal marketing: designing a suitable mobile campaign

Easter is coming and with it the best weather of Spring! It brings days of relaxation and fun in which consumption goes through the roof, especially in sectors such as the hotel and catering industry, transport and accommodation. Fact: according to the annual study by Nielsen RetailerFacts, in Lent and Easter, retail sales grow by up to 20%.

In terms of advertising and marketing, this holiday is perceived as less saturated compared to other periods, such as Christmas. Therefore, it is time to please your customers by being creative and carrying out a multi-channel campaign combining all your promotion and communication channels.

However, you must be very careful because this holiday still has a strong religious component in Spain. Be warned, when mixing religion and marketing, controversies can arise, particularly in social networks, which are permanently active, leading to a potential negative impact on your company’s image.

To achieve good results, non-offensive religious content can be an option, but you can also resort to popular symbolism, which is recognisable at a global level and has nothing to do with religious beliefs. For example, Easter eggs. This will give you a way to promote Easter in a friendly and even fun way, through discounts and promotions or by including them in your website, your newsletter or in your decoration in the physical store.

You can also take advantage of Easter to work on your branding, giving customers personalized greeting cards, some promotional product, or a gift or chocolates with your logo.

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