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Black Friday and Halloween 2020: why it’s a great opportunity to boost your sales and how you can do so.

30 September 2020

We are entering the last quarter of 2020, and although sales have been steadily plummeting over the past few months, there are two great opportunities coming up for thousands of companies to boost their sales: Black Friday and Halloween, the spookiest night of the year.


But why should you run Black Friday and Halloween campaigns?

Black Friday was a huge success in Spain in 2019, with an average expenditure of 262 euros. What’s more, Spain was ranked 7th country in the world in terms of search volume for Black Friday deals.

  • Black Friday sales amount to 23% of the Christmas shopping budget, with the major e-commerce platforms being particularly favoured.
  • The internet is the most widely used medium for searching for Halloween products, with 22% of these searches resulting in a purchase.
  • The most popular Black Friday products are electronics, fashion, home decoration, toys, video games and travel, while for Halloween, the star products are decoration, costumes and food.

The figures for this year are looking promising, and they may end up being decisive for many companies.


How can you reach your consumers directly and effectively?

All communication is important. Preparing a distinctive marketing campaign ahead of time is key to influencing your potential customers. So how can you achieve your sales objectives in a straightforward way? SMS may be the key, and here’s why:

SMS is one of the least saturated channels. Have you noticed how your inbox fills up with emails with the subject line “Black Friday”? Or how the CPC (cost per click) increases in SEM or Social Ads? SMS is almost like a “VIP channel”, because it lets you reach your customers directly.

  • Most of these online purchases are made via a mobile phone, so if you can reach your potential customers on their phones through an SMS containing a URL to your website, purchases are all but guaranteed.
  • Every year more and more companies are discovering how successful SMS campaigns can be, making it imperative to differentiate yourself from your competitors. With LINK Mobility, you can create a personalised landing page that you can build using our own tool, without incurring any extra development costs.

Being proactive is the best way to avoid being left behind during these promotions. Don’t let your products and discounts go unnoticed among the competition, and call us now on (+34) 912 160 100, or contact us via email at:

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