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Back to marketing school

15 August 2016

Summer has finished and we have to go back to work. Everyone back at our desks with our batteries recharged!

Use the start of the new marketing year to take stock, rethink strategies and work out how to carry on improving.

All hands on deck!

  • Contact the clients: they are the first people you should get in touch with after the holidays. An email informing them that you are back at work, a discount or special promotion or a reminder of the company’s latest news could be a good option.
  • Give your website a once-over: check that everything is working properly and that the content is correct and up-to-date. Take care with the contact details, to make sure you can easily be contacted and don’t forget to check the spelling (slip-ups in this area can make you look very bad).
  • Tweak your database: take a look at it and ask yourself how you can segment it more effectively for your future campaigns.
  • Take fresh approaches to how you communicate and interact: take a chance and opt for other types of initiatives. For example, emotional marketing, to convey a warmer image of the company and appeal to the feelings of clients. Send customised messages and SMS that address their needs and motivations and show yourself to be attentive at all times.
    Don’t forget emoji marketing, which is becoming increasingly popular. Because using different emoticons in our business communications is fun and a highly visual way of grabbing the recipient’s attention.
  • Keep your social networks active: nowadays they are essential because, through them, you can achieve very satisfactory results. They mainly serve as a medium and lay the foundations for developing other strategies in the future. You can also use them to study your competitors.
    Update your accounts and profiles and take the time to share interesting content.

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