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B2B mobile marketing

10 June 2019

Mobile devices have an obvious presence among consumers, with an 82% penetration rate for B2C smartphones. But mobile technology is increasingly important in the B2B (business to business) sector: according to a study by The Boston Consulting Group, up to 50% of searches in the B2B sector are conducted using smartphones, and this will increase to 70% in 2020.

If in the near future searches related to your business will be predominantly by mobile phone, the first thing to do is to optimize your website for the mobile environment. But there is much more to reinforcing the mobile experience and successfully integrating it into the professional environment.


SMS, geolocation and mobile follow-up

According to consultancy firm The Boston Consulting Group, B2B trade professionals will be using their mobile phones some 3 hours a day by 2020. This mobile (or tablet) use while at the office involves researching while working, and at the same time important business decisions are taken.

It is therefore essential to provide useful information through the mobile and use all possible resources to customize communications. Through geolocation you can track clients on their travels, check their interests and offer them whatever they need. You can also use so-called “smart Bluetooth” to send specific information within a specific space, for example, at a trade fair or trade event.

Furthermore, in the B2B world, SMS communication is already being introduced as a very powerful and bidirectional channel, as it allows effective and direct interaction with your database of clients and leads (without the interference of a SPAM filter, for example, as is the case of email marketing). This channel is a magnificent business opportunity that is just beginning to be exploited. And that is precisely its advantage: in its potential and in how little it is currently exploited. Short messages allow you to remain in continuous contact with your clients, and they are especially useful as a method of instant alert: you can remind them of important dates or announce a conference, send sector news updates in real time, and even, by adding a link to a landing page that provides more information, let them know all the details of an event, for example.

Of course, these SMS should be written in a more professional way, giving them an “exclusive” tone that gives them additional value.

Another effective resource for B2B business is the deployment of specific mobile applications. This is a growing trend that allows you to provide instant and personalized information in a marketing context with professional users.

However you use the tool, it is important to remember that, if privacy and security are always essential, in the business environment this is even more the case. Thus, all such mobile actions must scrupulously comply with the privacy regulations of the particular industry and the geographical areas in which the services are provided. The client should feel safe and secure.


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