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Are you signing up for digital certification?

23 May 2016

Bureaufax and certified letters are things of the past. In the digital era SMS and certified eMails are more and more common. These are instantaneous communications (the recipient receives them on their devices anywhere and at any time), and they also save costs, being up to 80% cheaper than traditional methods.

Because of their convenience and security, these types of notification are already well established in countries such as the United Kingdom, Italia, Finland, Hong Kong and in Spain they are on the rise; in fact the Supreme Court has already set a standard confirming the legal validity of certified eMail.

From LINK Mobility we offer you:

Certified SMS

These short text messages generate a certification upon delivery, which makes the communication legally valid. The certification includes the numbers of the sender and recipient, the message content, the time and date of receipt, and our digital signature.

Certified eMails

These messages are sent to a specific address using an email management system. They can include attached documents, with a maximum size limit of 5MB. The recipient’s address is entered in the Subject field.

Our system keeps all your certifications for both eMails and SMS safely stored for at least 5 years.

There is no doubt that these are genuinely useful solutions, both for communicating with Public administration, as well as in other private spheres; for example in the case of litigation for outstanding bills.

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