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An overview of the use of metrics in Email and SMS marketing

11 September 2017

Metrics are valuable tools for analysing the functioning of campaigns; thanks to the information they provide we can assess the impact campaigns are having on our clients, as well as on our prospects/leads. This will allow us to work out how to improve for future occasions. It should be emphasised that there are quite a few differences between Email and SMS. For example, the speed of interaction with text messages is astounding: the reaction is more immediate, more real-time. Furthermore, SPAM has not yet flooded the SMS channel, as it has with email.

So, if we look at open rates for example, we can see that for emails this stands at around 21% (although rates can reach 50% in the case of welcome emails), whereas rates for reading text messages reach 93% in the first 3 minutes after delivery to the device. But, be careful! There are things that must be taken into account, such as the fact that email open rates are influenced by certain elements that can provide erroneous information. For example, an email is recorded as opened if the user also receives the images embedded in the message. Therefore, it is necessary to question the reliability of this indicator.

The value of the landing page

We must not forget to highlight those campaigns that include a landing page, an element that is very important for metrics. In the case of both the Email and SMS Site, useful rates such as the number of unique visitors (users who have come to the “landing page” from any device), or the time spent on the page can be applied. And of course, from there, it is possible to evaluate whether he desired conversion rate has been achieved (usually a minimum of 15%), and what the problem might be if it has not.

At LINK Mobility we handle all of these metrics and help you analyse them in order to define appropriate corrections. You can optimize rates in many different ways. For example see how to improve the subject line in the case of email. But there are many more tricks that we will be addressing, little by little, in future newsletters…

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