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A2P messaging makes life easier

19 September 2016

Although the boom in instant messaging (principally WhatsApp) has notably reduced traditional SMS messages between individuals (P2P SMS), messaging between businesses and individuals (A2P SMS) is on the rise. According to the US consultancy firm Research and Markets, A2P SMS will achieve a growth rate of 5.7% up to 2022.

And the fact is that these services offer excellent advantages, both to private companies and businesses, as well as to public organizations, at the same time as making life easier for the end user. The commercial, health, educational and government industries are mainly behind the surge in this kind of messaging.

Once the receiver’s permission has been obtained, SMS messages are automated and used to send alerts and notifications of great value, resulting in a very useful marketing tool.

Examples of how these messages are used:

Thanks to LINK Mobility and our advanced A2P (literally Application to Person) SMS solutions, families have found it easier to buy the books and uniforms their children need in the back-to-school period, and have avoided missing the registration date for their little ones’ favourite after-school activities, among other things. These exchanges of information save a great deal of time and optimize tasks, and are therefore undoubtedly very gratefully received in the rush and stress of daily life.

A few other examples of this kind of notification include:

  • Product orders: we have ordered a book or some other product and receive an SMS telling us that it is now waiting for us in the shop and we can go and collect it.
  • Notifications of official matters: we receive a text message confirming that the university registration process has been completed correctly, for example.
  • Appointment reminders: an SMS arrives just in time to remind us that we have an appointment at the dentist or with our local employment office.
  • Confirmation of security codes: banks often use these messages, for example when they require confirmation of payment codes.
  • Product offers: naturally A2P SMS are frequently used to communicate offers for different products of interest to clients.

It is worth using these alert and notification services so that your business can evolve and offer an improved service to your end users. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us at LINK Mobility – we will be delighted to give you more information about the service and how to implement it.

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