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A2P messaging growing globally

22 May 2017

Banking transactions (transfer confirmation codes, card use notifications, capital inflows, etc.); notifications of every kind (for example, medical appointments or appointments with the tax authority); PIN codes (one time passwords, i.e. passwords only used once); order confirmations, information about transport timetables and countless possibilities in marketing messages (sales campaigns, birthday greetings, special offers and discounts, etc.). A2P messaging (the message is sent to a mobile subscriber using a web-based application) has numerous uses and, far from declining, its growth and monetisation prospects are very promising. In fact, the forecasts indicate that in 2018 the global traffic of these commercial or professional SMS will reach 2.19 billion. Thanks to the increase in mobile usage, these types of text messages are spreading like wildfire: Asian countries like China and South Korea are leaders in this A2P market, but it is now even emerging in some regions of Africa. It has also grown strongly in Latin America, mainly thanks to the banking and financial sectors. Don’t forget that its main advantage is that all mobile networks and devices across the world are compatible with this technology and can support it.

Therefore, this is a cheap, secure and effective form of communication for sending important information, which in many cases is replacing emails and telephone calls, as it is popular with customers and the messages are read quickly (93% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of being received).

In search of the highest quality

At LINK Mobility we only operate with direct connections of the highest quality, enabling us to know the characteristics of each operator (the sender ID, whether you have to register the texts being sent or register the senders, whether the operator only allows messages to be sent with a short sender, etc.). This results in complete and reliable SMS sending with all global operators. Additionally, we monitor and manage messages to ensure that SMS marketing campaigns are secure, increasing the chances of success.

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