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A/B testing, great allies for improving your results

A/B testing, great allies for improving your results

Are you missing the targets set for your email marketing campaigns? Something is going wrong. To find out what it is, we offer you what is known as A/B testing. Although statistics show that less than 40% of marketeers use them, they are effective tools for analysing the behaviour of our clients/users so we can change what is not giving us the desired results: whether it’s achieving higher opening rates to getting more conversions from the landing page, for example.

There are many factors in play, so let’s get the ball rolling!

Try, try and then try again

A/B testing involves creating two versions of the same message that vary only in a single element. Thus, you can see what works best and implement controlled changes in the conversion stage. These tests require organization and consistency, but when done well, give very good results.

Keep in mind that:

1- You must define exactly what you want to test: from the subject of the e-mail to the date and time of sending, or even details that may have an influence, such as changing the colour or the position of the CTA button. But you must focus on a specific item because it is more complicated to test several things at the same time and get optimal results.

2- You must carefully choose the recipients. It is advisable that there are at least 1,000, so that the test is representative, and they should form homogeneous groups and be segmented depending on the test requirements.

3- You must choose an appropriate date: Christmas or the summer periods may not be very auspicious.

4- A record must be kept of the results and they must be effectively analysed: then you can draw your conclusions and make the necessary changes.

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