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5 marketing trends for 2017

9 January 2017

We welcome in the New Year with a look at the marketing trends that are predicted to have the greatest presence and to work best in the coming months. Here are the main features so you can try to implement them in your strategies across your channels. Of course, not without first adapting them to the needs of each company:

1. Open your doors to video

Online video traffic continues to grow and new ways of consuming this type of content are appearing, such as 360° video, which companies such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and GoPro are investing in heavily. Streaming is also a heavy hitter now.

That is why all authorities are emphasising the prominent role of video: it simply cannot be overlooked in marketing strategies as a way of interacting with clients. Multimedia content is establishing itself as an excellent tool for branding, as well as in the B2B environment.

2. Renewed content marketing

2017 brings changes to this area, overlooked by so many companies. Content is now more personalised and less generic, and is focused more on lifestyle than on the product itself. In the presence of such a large amount of information, recipients are grateful for any personalisation that catches their attention.

For example, case studies are seeing great success.

What is more, ephemeral content is becoming very important: content that is of high quality, but immediate and with a best before date, such as streamed video or ephemeral content on Instagram.

3. The power of social networks and influencers

Although we have lived with social networks for over ten years now, they are still in constant evolution (some buying up others) and several are now indispensable. In 2017 they simply must form part of our marketing strategies whether we like it or not, through exclusive campaigns on networks or interacting with other channels, for example.

Moreover there must be a focus on influencer marketing, in other words, the figure of influencers and micro influencers that build a connection between brands and the end client. Consumers follow these figures and admire them, to a greater or lesser degree, and this power must be taken advantage of.

4. Automation is your greatest ally

Platforms can be used to automate many tasks (providing solutions for email marketing, SMS marketing, social marketing, digital advertising, etc.). This is totally “in” and helps to segment and personalise, permitting sending at precise times and bringing down costs.

5. Mobile marketing, a priority

Smartphones increasingly call the shots and it is indisputable that you must be ready to offer the best navigation possible for these devices, in terms of both design and content. All digital marketing actions must be “mobile”.

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